If The House Is Great

but it's not selling, it's the price.

I really like this ranch house. And I don’t like ranches.

But it has a commanding spot on a knoll overlooking a long view. It has three acres and it’s handy to the local tourist destination. It has great rental potential, if that’s something someone wanted to do.

Inside, the floor plan is open and there are lots of windows to bring that view inside.

There’s room to triple its finished space, with a good semi-finished basement and an unfinished, walk up attic.

It’s in good shape, but there are cosmetics that could make it much better.

I’ve shown it to lots of people. They all see the potential.

And it hasn’t sold.

There is a village Victorian that is absolutely charming. I love it, too. And despite many showings and lots of interest, it’s just now gotten an offer that sellers are willing to accept.

In both cases, it’s the price. The ranch house has come down and I’m hoping we’re finally where it’s just too good to pass up. The Victorian is still at its original listing price, but there are so few good houses available in its town that it’s starting to look like good value for money to potential buyers.

A hot market certainly increases the chances that a good house that is priced slightly above market value will sell. But the market will always dictate the price, the competition will color a buyers’ perception of value, and a fast sale simply doesn’t happen unless the price is right.

Otherwise, it’s a waiting game.