Reality -

Not necessarily the news you want, but the fact you need

I spoke with a potential client yesterday who said she was told a particular mortgage company made the process “easy.”

“Easy in what way?” I asked.

Fast and simple, I was told. Stress-free.

It sounds magical. It also sounds highly unlikely.

2020 is a difficult year. The pandemic has caused slowdowns and hiccups in almost every aspect of our lives. To believe that the mortgage process, a profoundly complicated experience in the best of times, is fast and simple somewhere, seems like a recipe for disappointment.

I think it’s better to know what the facts are, and be prepared. It eliminates some stress, and right now that’s important. Reality doesn’t have to be your enemy.

Buying a house involves some stress. Selling one does, too. But if you can accept that some things are just going to take some time, and maybe be a bit complicated, you’ll get through it.