A little respect for expertise, please

It always strikes me as strange, but there are still a lot of people who think just anyone can sell a house.

It’s true that you can put your house for sale online. You can even market it on Facebook. But that isn’t all there is to being a realtor.

Before you ever sign a contract, a realtor will advise you on the local market, offer you a price opinion based on comparable sales, and may even offer you tips to help make your house show better.

Realtors, at least the good ones, don’t just put your house on the local multiple listing service once you sign a contract. They take professional quality photos, and, if necessary, they pay a photographer.

They offer you staging advice, decorating advice, and give you access to their list of trusted contractors, attorneys, and even connect you with realtors in other areas if you’re moving out of town.

They market your home to their contacts, and they aggressively market it on a variety of online platforms as well as other realtors. They write creative copy, and they help identify the strongest points of your property. They highlight those features to buyers.

They show your home, over and over, and when you get an offer, they know how to negotiate to get you the best possible deal. They coordinate between you and the buyer, the attorneys, and the mortgage company.

Realtors are your advocate, your partner, and your support system.

Pick a good one, and you’ll know why you need one.